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Crested Butte

Crested Butte, Colorado - Colorado's Last Great Ski Town
Crested Butte
Community Info

Crested Butte offers just about everything an outdoor enthusiast desires: skiing, mountain biking, hiking, wildflower viewing, kayaking, fly-fishing and more.
A wonderful place to bring the whole family.

Location:  Southwest Colorado, 231 miles southwest of Denver and 28 miles North of Gunnison.
Altitude:  8,885 feet
Population:  1,537

Wildflower Capital
of Colorado

"Concerning the designation of the Crested Butte area as the wildflower capital of Colorado... be it resolved by the senate of the Fifty-seventh General Assembly of the State of Colorado, the House of Representatives concurring herein: That the Crested Butte area is hereby designated the Wildflower Capital of Colorado."

Colorado's last 
great ski town

Has been called “Colorado’s last great ski town.”
Historic coal mining town dating back to the late 1800’s
Top 20 Ski Towns by Ski Magazine – big time accolades, small town charm
There are no traffic lights or chain stores.

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